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The Beatles August 1962

Title: Some Other Guy Take 1 (Know The North/Scene at 6:30)
Type: TV Show
Filming Location: The Cavern, Liverpool, England
Filming Date: August 22nd 1962
Broadcast Date: November 6th 1963
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 02:03 Minutes
Quality: B
Source: "The Beatles Back To The Past 1962-1963" (BA Productions/BedHead Productions)
Other Sources: "The Beatles Rarities 1962-1967" (BA Productions)
Notes: The Beatles were filmed at The Cavern performing the song "Some Other Guy" for broadcast on the TV program "Know The North".
Unfortunately it was never aired and sat on the shelf until it was re-discovered and broadcast on the program "Scene at 6:30" in November 1963.
Since then it was shown again in MGM`s 1982 home video "The Compleat Beatles" and two years later in the Granada TV special "The Early Beatles".
Actually two performances of "Some Other Guy" were filmed along with silent "B Roll" footage of the crowd and different views of the Beatles performing other songs including "Money".
The common version is of the second performance however parts of the first performance were edited along with the second performance
and some of the "B Roll" footage into a "new" version that was shown in 1995 in "The Beatles Anthology" TV special.
Interestingly brief clips from "Version 1" had been aired back in the 60`s in the 1967 "Scene Special" Interview with Paul and again in John`s 1969 "Man of The Decade" segment.
By the way the audio for all versions comes from "Version 2".
In 2019 Reelin In The Years posted a complete take one of Some Other Guy without any edits on their youtube.