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The Beatles February 1962

Title: Live In Birkenhead, England
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: St Paul`s Church Hall, Birkenhead, England
Filming Date: February 10th 1962
Broadcast Date: May 15th 1996
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 00:38 Seconds
Quality: B
Source: "The Beatles Best Of The Beatles" (DVD 2004)
Other Sources: "The Beatles Back To The Past 1962-1963" (BA Productions/BedHead Productions)
Notes: The earliest known footage of The Beatles emerged in 1996 at a Sotheby`s auction.
Snippets of the silent colour home movie were then shown on the "ITV News" in the UK and on "Extra" in America.
Despite a number of years of conjecture over the exact venue the film was shot at,
it is now generally accepted that the footage was filmed at St. Paul`s Church Hall in Birkenhead on February 10.
In 2004 the whole of the footage was shown in the DVD "Best of The Beatles" (a doco on Pete Best)
and was also partially broadcast in the George documentary "Living in The Material World" in 2011 (17 Seconds).