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Paul McCartney March 1973

Title: My Love
Type: Promotional Film
Filming Location: London, England
Filming Date: April 1973
Broadcast Date: May 26, 1973 (Original Broadcast)
Country Of Broadcast: France
Duration: 04:15 Minutes
Quality: A-
Source: "Paul McCartney - Archives Collection Red Rose Speedway" (DVD 2018)
Other Source: "Paul McCartney Files 1972-1997" (BA Productions)
Notes: The official promo for Wings new single "My Love". There are four variations for this promo.
The first promo, which is the most common one which has a live lead vocal from Paul.
The second version has the studio vocal and was reportedly edited by Toshiba in Japan. This has some slightly different edits.
The third version also uses the studio version audio and was made for European promotion again with slightly different edits.
In 2007 Paul issued the promo on his "McCartney Years" DVD collection which has slightly different edits compared to the original promo.
This version was heavily cropped for widescreen.
In 2018 a new edit but using the original live vocal was put together for Paul`s "Red Rose Speedway" Archives Collection box set DVD.
The promo was possibly originally first broadcast on the French TV program "Top a Michel Sardou" on May 26, 1973.
But seeing as the single was released in late March surely the promo was filmed and broadcast somewhere by mid April (possibly Japan or America)?
It may never have been broadcast on UK television until the 1980`s mainly because to promote the single Wings had appeared on
"Top of The Pops" in early April and the song was featured in the "James Paul McCartney" TV special that was broadcast in early May, 1973.
Additional information courtesy Mike Carrera.