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The Beatles August 1963

Title: The Mersey Sound - Southport
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Little Theatre, Southport, England
Filming Date: August 27th 1963
Broadcast Date: October 9th 1963
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 29:12 Minutes (whole special); 4:07 (live footage)
Quality: B-
Source: "The Beatles Back To The Past 1962-1963" (BA Productions/BedHead Productions)
Other Sources: "The Cathode Ray Tube Collection Vol 1" (HOBS)
Notes: The Beatles were the subject of a TV special that focused on the current uprising of musical talent coming out of Liverpool.
The special was called "The Mersey Sound" and The Beatles were filmed over four consecutive days in and around Southport, Manchester & Liverpool.
Today the first filming was done at Little Theatre in Southport were they were filmed performing three songs - "Twist and Shout", "She Loves You" and "Love Me Do".
Only "She Loves You" is complete in the final documentary plus "Love Me Do" has the studio take replacing the live version for some strange reason.
The footage of "Love Me Do" was used in the 1982 promo video for the song`s 20th anniversary re-issue.
Most of the special was released on the early 80`s home video "Fun With The Fab Four" but it was completely missing "Love Me Do".
Excellent quality clips from the documentary were aired in "The Beatles Anthology" in 1995.
The live audience scenes were filmed the day before at The Beatles Southport concert.
Overall, because there is a lot of footage of other bands and their interviews, the Beatles on screen footage only amounts to about 12 minutes.