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Ringo Starr December 1987

Title: Walking After Midnight
Type: Feature Film
Filming Location: Tittenhurst Park, London, England
Filming Date: Circa Late 1987
Broadcast Date: 1988
Country Of Broadcast: Canada
Duration: 01:09 Minutes (Ringo`s secenes)
Quality: C+
Source: "Walking After Midnight" (VHS & DVD)
Other Sources: "The Beatles Hodge Podge Vol 9 (Javsil Productions) (Excerpts)
Notes: Ringo was filmed and also narrated part of a strange Canadian film about re-incarnation called "Walking After Midnight". George`s song "Art of Dying" was used as the film`s theme song.
Ringo was filmed at his Tittenhusrst Park home, outside, lying down next to the sculptured bust that was used on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper" and in Fab`s pics taken in Sept 1969. This scene begins the film.
At the end of the film Ringo is shown walking on the grounds of his estate with a full sized model dinosaur behind him which was also seen in his promo video of "Wrack My Brain" in 1981.
The film was issued on VHS video in Canada and America and more recently on DVD. Later a 1999 TV series on this subject was also made but without any Ringo involvement.