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Ringo Starr May 1986

Title: Queen: The Magic Years
Type: Video Documentary
Filming Location: London, England
Filming Date: May 1986 (Ringo); Sept 1986 (Paul)
Broadcast Date: November 30th 1987
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 01:05 Minutes
Quality: B+
Source: "Queen: The Magic Years" Home Video (UK/Europe); Laserdisc (Japan)
Other Sources: "Ringo 1986-1988" (FFD Productions)
Notes: PMI home video released a 3 Volume set of VHS videos in November 1986 called "Queen: The Magic Years" that chronicled the career of the band Queen up to that date.
The documentary, that ran for a total of 3 hours (1 hour each tape), was made by Austrian film director & producer Rudi Dolezal.
Around May 1986 he managed to get Ringo & Barbara to do a little comedy sketch about Queen which he used.
Ringo & Barb`s cameo are at the start of Vol 2 which is subtitled "Live Killers in The Making".
A 3 volume home video set was released by PMI only on VHS video in Nov 1987 in the UK & Europe. It has never been released on DVD nor re-issued in any format apart from the 1992 Japanese laserdisc.
The Ringo & Barb segment was also used in a special episode of the Dutch "Countdown" TV show called "The Story of Queen"
sometime in 1987 and was also featured in the MTV special "Queen: The Days of Our Lives" that was broadcast in August 1991.