Ringo Starr 1985

November 1985

Title: BBC News
Type: TV News
Filming Location: Royal Albert Hall, London, England
Filming Date: November 5th 1985
Broadcast Date: November 5th 1985
Country Of Broadcast: England
Duration: 00:12 Seconds
Quality: C+
Source: "Fashion Aid" VHS Home Video (1986 UK)
Other Sources: "Ringo Starr - 1984-1985" (FFD Productions)
Notes: Ringo & Barbara along with Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono all attended the chaity event "Fashion Aid". Also Paul even recorded a short message and an exclusive song (audio only) which was played on monitors during the show. The event was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London in November.
The charity event was organised by Bob Geldof. It was a rare event in which three Beatle wives were all present with Yoko making an introductory speech and both Olivia and Barbara being featured on the catwalk.
From all accounts, although the Beatle wives appearances were filmed it seems Paul`s contribution was not.
That night "BBC News" and "London Plus" all featured footage from the event including footage of Ringo with Michael Caine.
The entire show was filmed by Kevin Godley and issued the next year on home video (in the UK only).