Ringo Starr 1981

April 1981

Title: Ringo & Barbara`s Wedding
Type: TV News
Filming Location: Westminister Register Office, London, England
Filming Date: April 27th 1981
Broadcast Date: April 27/28th 1981
Country Of Broadcast: Various
Duration: Various
Quality: A- C
Source: "Ringo 1980-1981 Vol 1" (FFD Productions)
Other Sources: "Ringo Starr: The Ex-Beatle Files Vol 5 - 1981" (FAB Productions 2009); "Ringo Starr: Caveman Chronicles 1981" (MCP)
Notes: Ringo & Barbara tied the knot on April 27 at the Westminster Register Office in London.
Amongst the guests were Paul, Linda & family, George & Olivia and Harry Nilsson. A reception was held afterwards at the nightclub "Rags" where home movie footage was shot though it has never been seen publicly.
Almost every TV news show in the World showed footage of their wedding, well only the arrival & departure of guests actually.
Below is a selection of TV news broadcasts that featured footage of the arrival and departure of Ringo, Barbara & their guests at the registry office in London (no footage from the actual ceremony has ever been seen):
BBC News (UK) (1:27) (B)
BBC Evening News (UK) (1:14) (B)
ITN News (UK) (0:22) (A)
Ch 9 News (Australia) (0:30) (C)
Ch 10 News (Australia) (1:00) (B)
Independent Network News (US) (1:24) (B)
CBS News (US) (1:01) (B)