Ringo Starr 1976

July/August 1976

Title: You Don`t Know Me At All
Type: Promo Video
Filming Location: Monte Carlo, Italy & Hamburg, Germany
Filming Date: July 20th-31st 1976 (Monte Carlo) August 4th-6th 1976 Hamburg)
Broadcast Date: September 19th 1976
Country Of Broadcast: France
Duration: 03:56 Minutes
Quality: A-; B-
Source: Ringo Starr - Rarities 1969-1981 (BA Productions)
Other Sources: Ringo Starr - The Video Collection Vol 1 1970-1985 (FAB Productions 2017)
Notes: : Ringo filmed a promo video for his single that was released only in Europe.
In the video it showed Ringo with his newly completely shaven head and eyebrows. The perfect look for a song of this title.
Now the original idea was to film videos for all the tracks on his new album "Ringo`s Rotogravure" and early press stories said they would be put together as a TV Special under the title of "Ringo`s Songs"
but alas only 3 videos were completed (with a rumour another one was made for "A Dose of Rock n Roll") before the idea was abandoned.
A few years ago a near perfect copy of the promo was posted on Youtube unfortunately with a logo on screen but at least we now good quality copies do exist.