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Paul McCartney October 1999

Title: Tina Turner: Celebrate! - Paul wishes Tina Turner a happy birthday
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: London, England
Filming Date: Mid - Late October 1999
Broadcast Date: Late Nov 1999 (TV); Nov 21, 2000 (VHS/DVD); March 24, 2014 (Blu-ray)
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 00:05 Seconds
Quality: A-
Source: "Celebrate" (Blu-ray 2014)
Other Sources: "Paul & Ringo Two Of Us Standing Solo Vol 9" (BedHead Productions)
Notes: "Tina Turner - Celebrate!" was a 1999 TV special, filmed in London in Nov 1999 & broadcast on ITV in England soon after, celebrating Tina’s 60th birthday.
Between the songs there were interviews and messages from friends and colleagues like Phil Spector, Sting,
Cher, David Bowie & Paul McCartney who briefly sings "Happy Birthday" to Tina.
The TV special was released a year later on VHS video and DVD as "The Best of Tina Turner - Celebrate!" and finally, in 2014,
it was released on Blu-ray together with her "One Last Time" home video.
Paul`s brief footage was also used in the MSNBC series "MSNBC Headliners & Legends - Tina Turner" on June 24, 2000.