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Paul McCartney January 1993

Title: Pinewood Studios Rehearsals - Biker Like an Icon
Type: TV Special/Video Promo
Filming Location: Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, England
Filming Date: January 12th 1993
Broadcast Date: March 4th 1993
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 03:25 Minutes
Quality: B-
Source: "Movin` On" (MPI Home Video Sept 24, 1993)
Other Sources: "Paul McCartney January 1993" (FFD Productions)
Notes: Paul & band moved their rehearsals for the upcoming World tour from Sussex to Pinewood Studios so that the full stage production could be utilized and perfected.
On this day they actually filmed a couple of promo videos. First one was for "Get Out of My Way" and the second was for "Biker Like an Icon".
Both were featured in the "Movin` on" special as well as being excerpted and sent around the World to promote the album and the forthcoming single for "Biker..".
"Biker Like an Icon" was actually edited into 4 different promos utilizing some non Paul footage in various lengths in three promos with the fourth promo just featuring the live Pinewood Studios footage.
The non Paul promo video was featured on Paul`s DVD "The McCartney Years".