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Paul McCartney November 1989

Title: Visa Commercials
Type: TV Ads
Filming Location: The Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, USA
Filming Date: November 27th-28th 1989
Broadcast Date: January 14th 1990
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 1:00 & 0:30 Minutes (each ad)
Quality: B+
Source: "Macca Archives 1990 Vol 1" (FAB Productions)
Other Sources:
Notes: The actual Visa commercials were aired in January 1990 and featured brief footage of Paul and Linda arriving at the LA forum (shot on Nov 27)
Some excerpts of these scenes were also used in a promo video for his song "We Got Married". The next day footage was shot of the band performing overdubbed with a soundtrack of "Live and Let Die" and "My Brave Face" (shot Nov 28).
There is also footage with a live audience so I gather this is from elsewhere (maybe from Zurich when they filmed "Figure of Eight"?).
Some of this footage was also shown in the "48 Hours" TV program which also filmed a lot of footage in Chicago a few days later.
The commercials were also part of a special 13 minute "Tour EPK" which was released in January 1990 to promote the second US leg of Paul`s World Tour.
This EPK also included 7 minutes from Paul`s Los Angeles press conference along with some words from a Visa CEO.
The same footage used in these commercials were also used in TV ads to promote Paul`s Japanese tour in Feb 1990.

Title: Visa Commercial Filming
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: The Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, USA
Filming Date: November 27th 1989
Broadcast Date: November 27th 1989
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 22:05 Minutes
Quality: B-
Other Sources:
Notes: A fan who was present for the Visa commercial filming managed to film over 20 minutes of home movie footage of the proceedings.
Thanks to Bamiyan for the captures.