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Paul McCartney August 1989

Title: Paul`s Lyceum Theatre Press Conference
Type: Raw Footage
Filming Location: Lyceum Theatre, New York, USA
Filming Date: August 24th 1989
Broadcast Date: August 24th 1989
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 16:29 Minutes
Quality: C+
Source: "Paul McCartney Raw Footage 1990" (MCP)
Other Sources: Paul McCartney Rehearsals & Press Conferences (AH Prpductions)
Notes: With another month`s worth of rehearsals under their belt Paul & band now travelled over to New York for a press conference and performance just as they did back in London a month earlier.
Dozens of networks & TV programs were on hand at the Lyceum Theatre in New York to film the occasion with most airing segments over the coming days.
The raw footage from today has become available from four different sources, three of which are unknown (the fourth was filmed by CBS cameras).
The quality of all four is fairly ordinary with the longest (just over an hour) being of barely watchable quality.
The rest are better but not by much. The lengths of the four available copies are: 16.29; 22:02; 27:00 (CBS); 60:47 with the shortest one being the best quality.