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Paul McCartney July 1985

Title: Live Aid
Type: Live TV Concert
Filming Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
Filming Date: July 13th 1985
Broadcast Date: July 13th 1985
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 10:03 Minutes
Quality: A
Source: "Live Aid" DVD (Nov 8 2004)
Other Sources: "Live Aid The TV Specials" (AH Productions)
Notes: Without doubt "Live Aid" was the concert of the decade with a line-up that would never be bettered.
The London portion of the concert was concluded with an appearance from Paul performing "Let it Be".
Technical glitches aside it was by far the highlight of the concert. Following this Paul stayed on stage with all the other performances for a rousing "Do They Know It`s Christmas".
Knowing that this performance would probably be issued on home video (it wasn`t) it was decided to rush Paul into a studio the very next day to re-record his entire vocal of the song to fix the missing part at the beginning.
Finally in November 2004 a DVD of the majority of the days concert was released featuring the re-recorded Paul vocal.