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Paul McCartney July 1972

Title: The Bruce McMouse Show
Type: Concert Documentary Color
Filming Location: European Concert Tour
Filming Date: July 9th-August 24th 1972
Broadcast Date: 2018
Country Of Broadcast: UK/USA
Duration: 52 Minutes
Quality: A
Source: "Paul McCartney - Archives Collection Red Rose Speedway" (DVD 2018)
Other Source:
Notes: Towards the end of Wings 1972 European tour Paul decided to film some of the concerts for a potential TV special.
It seems that all the filming was done during the day at the venue of the actual concert that would take place that night
and a "fake" audience was specially filmed for later inclusion to give the impression it was an actual live concert.
The locations that were filmed were:
Aug 19: Groningen, The Netherlands
Aug 20: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Aug 21: The Hague, The Netherlands
Aug 24: Berlin, Germany
Now at some point Paul decided to incorporate some animated footage of a family of mice who live under the stage.
The storyboard called for some interaction between the band and the mice so further footage had to be filmed around June/July 1973 at Twickenham Studios in London.
The 1973 live parts are very obvious as Paul has much longer hair compared to the 1972 footage even though they tried to use the same stage clothing, the different length of hair gives it away.
They also filmed a special introduction and ending while at Twickenham in 1973. See "1973" for this footage.
Production on the special took forever and was finally completed in 1977.
The special was eventually remastered in beautiful colour in 2018 and released on the DVD/Bluray portion of Paul`s archive release of "Red Rose Speedway".
Previous to its official release only two songs from the special were ever commercially released. Both performances came from The Hague filming.
The songs were: "Wild Life" & "Hi, Hi, Hi". Both were shown in 1986 TV Special "The Paul McCartney Special" that was also issued on home video in 1987