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John Lennon April 1977

Title: John & Ringo Getting Into A Car Outside The Dakota
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: The Dakota, New York, USA
Filming Date: Late April 1977
Broadcast Date: Late April 1977
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 01:03 Minutes
Quality: C-
Source: "Paul & Ringo Two Of Us Standing Solo Vol 6" (BedHead Productions)
Other Sources:
Notes: A fan shot a terrible quality home video of John & Yoko and Ringo & Nancy getting into a limo outside of the Dakota.
Filmed at night with no lighting, it`s almost impossible to make out if it`s really John or Ringo.
This rare footage first turned up in collector`s circles in the late 80`s but was never bootlegged.
Recently in 2022 a lesser generation copy turned up on a bootleg and was subsequently posted on Youtube.
The slightly better clarity of this new version makes it easier to identify everyone and we are fairly certain it is them.
John actually looks similar to when he and Yoko went out for dinner with Ringo and Nancy on April 30, 1977
and Nancy is wearing similar clothing though Ringo is wearing a different shirt but it seems likely this was
probably filmed in late April 1977 and not November 1979 as it had been previously identified.