John Lennon 1975

April 1975

Title: Salute To Sir Lew
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: New York, USA
Filming Date: April 18th 1975
Broadcast Date: June 13th 1975 (US); June 20th 1975 (UK)
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 07:20 Minutes (Includes opening & closing)
Quality: C (whole show) A- (Imagine)
Source: "Salute To Sir Lew Grade" (MCP)
Other Sources: "The John Lennon Collection" ("Imagine") (VHS & Laserdisc 1992)
Notes: John recorded his last ever live TV performance in a TV special made as a salute to Sir Lew Grade called "Tribute To Sir Lew".
John performed "Slippin` & Sliding", "Imagine" & "Stand By Me".
The American and British broadcasts have different edits and mixes and the UK version has comedian Dave Allen on camera introducing John whereas the US broadcast comes straight out of a commercial break and straight into "Slippin` & Sliding" with an American voiceover introducing John and then edits out a bar of the musical intro in which John says "louder".
John also came out at the very end of the show along with the other performers.
The performance of "Imagine" was later included on the home video release of "The John Lennon Collection" and "Slippin` & Sliding" is available on bootleg DVD as is the entire TV special (US broadcast).
A third number "Stand By Me" was taped but not used but the audio of it does exist.