John Lennon 1974

October 1974

Title: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Promo Filming
Type: Promo Video Raw Footage
Filming Location: Various Locations, New York, USA
Filming Date: October 17th 1974
Broadcast Date: February 1975 (excerpts)
Country Of Broadcast: UK/USA
Duration: 18:21 Minutes
Quality: C (Raw Footage); A- ("Mind Games" Promo 2003)
Source: "John Lennon - Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol 2" (HMC)
Other Sources: "John Lennon: Remastered Archives 1972 - 1974" (FAB Productions) (6:05); "Mind Games" ("Lennon Legend" DVD 2003) (4:11)
Notes: A BBC film crew filmed John today in various locations in New York for potential use for a promo video of John`s new single "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" to be shown exclusively on "Top of The Pops".
For whatever reason the video never eventuated but some of the footage was used in a short edited version of "#9 Dream" which was shown on "Top of The Pops" in early 1975.
Yoko also used some of that same footage for a 1992 promo of "Mind Games" but the majority of the raw footage was still seemingly lost but out of the blue it all turned up again in the early 2000`s
and was soon acquired by Yoko who then used 4 minutes of the reported 40 minutes of footage in a new version of the song "Mind Games" in 2003.
Recently in 2018 over 18 minutes of the raw footage came to light on bootleg DVD but only in average quality.