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John Lennon April 1974

Title: ABC News - March Of Dimes Walkathon
Type: TV News Raw Footage
Filming Location: Central Park, New York, USA
Filming Date: April 28th 1974
Broadcast Date: April 28th 1974
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 6:23 Minutes (2 camera edit); 4:38 (one camera only)
Quality: C
Source: "Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol 3 (HMC) (6:23)
Other Sources: "John Lennon Life Begins At 40 Vol 1" (BA Productions) (4:38 Mins)
Notes: John & Harry Nilsson attended the "March of Dimes Rally" and spoke a few words to a huge crowd of supporters. The footage that is available is rather confusing.
It`s over 6 mins of colour super 8 footage with sound but edited from two camera sources (stage left and right).
The footage is mostly from stage left which also shows John and Harry arriving and leaving the stage area. The other camera (stage right) has nice close ups in better colour and lighting.
This can`t be just filmed by two fans cos they are actually on the stage so it`s kinda official but if it was the local news crew you`d think they`d use proper TV cameras
and lighting not jiggly super 8 cameras but then again seeing as this footage has been edited together it may have been intended for broadcast.
On top of that just the footage from the stage left camera also exists on DVD with dubbed over music.
This footage is just 4:38 in length but has a few extra seconds that are not in the main 6:23 mins of footage including some opening crowd scenes that seem to capture shots of the Dakota in the distance.
It has also been reported that two fans in the audience shot 13 minutes of super 8 footage between them but none of this has yet been made available.