John Lennon 1972

August 1972

Title: WABC Ch 7 News - Interview In San Francisco
Type: TV News Raw Footage
Filming Location: Vaious Locations, San Francisco, USA
Filming Date: August 5th 1972
Broadcast Date: Circa August 9th 1972
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 35:15 Minutes
Quality: B
Source: "John Lennon: Remastered Archives 1972 Vol 1" (FAB Productions)
Other Sources:
Notes: On May 28 John and Yoko drove across America to the west coast, eventually ending up in San Francisco were they stayed for over 2 months.
Journalist, Geraldo Riviera headed over to San Francisco in early August to try and get John & Yoko to headline some concerts in aid of the "One To One" charity in late August.
Today Geraldo took the couple on a sight-seeing tour of San Francisco and in the evening back at their hotel room John & Yoko serenaded Geraldo with some rock and roll oldies as well as a rendition of "Woman is The Nigger of The World".
All of today`s activities were filmed and the raw footage has been available on bootleg VHS & DVD for at least 25 years.
Geraldo`s interview and clips from the day were shown on WABC Channel 7 in New York during the following week along with the official announcement of the benefit concert.