John Lennon 1972

May 1972

Title: Underground News
Type: TV Show
Filming Location: Record Plant, New York, USA
Filming Date: May 5th 1972
Broadcast Date: May 22nd 1972
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 47:00 Minutes (Full Unbootlegged); 1:02 Mins (Excerpt)
Quality: B
Source: "John Lennon: Remastered Archives 1972 Vol 1" (FAB Productions)
Other Sources: "John Lennon 1972-1980" (FFD Productions)
Notes: John & Yoko were interviewed at the Record Plant recording studio in New York today, during an Elephants Memory mixing session, for the obscure "Underground News" TV Show.
This program was a cable-like UHF news program broadcast in Chicago, hosted by Chuck Collins who conducted today`s interview.
The cameras also filmed David Peel performing a couple of numbers and there`s even a brief glimpse of Mick Jagger, who had dropped by for a visit.
This interview has not been seen in full since it was first broadcast but it does still exist in perfect quality as snippets have turned up in programs and documentaries over the years.
58 seconds of excerpts from "NBC Dateline" in good quality colour are available on bootleg.