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John Lennon October 1971

Title: Carousel - "This Is Not Here" Press Conference
Type: TV Raw Footage
Filming Location: Everson Museum & Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse, New York
Filming Date: October 8th 1971
Broadcast Date: October 1971?
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 50:43 Minutes
Quality: C+
Source: "Solo Beatle Rarities Vol 1" (Hogtown)
Other Sources: "John Lennon The Lennon Years 1969-1971" (BA Productions)
Notes: An organisation called "Portable Channel" videotaped John & Yoko`s entire 50 minute press conference at the Everson Museum on October 8, 1971
along with footage of John & Yoko,Ringo and others walking around the exhibition and interviews with John & Yoko.
The black and white video-taped footage was possibly initially shown on the local PBS TV station WXXI, in Rochester, New York with whom "Portable Channel" were affiliated with.
Soon after the Syracuse PBS station WCNY-TV showed some of this footage in their TV series "Carousel".
It is unknown how much was broadcast. The 50 minute, black and white, raw video tape of the entire press conference has recently emerged
but part 2 of this video that includes the footage of Ringo as well as interviews with John & Yoko is still held in their archives.