John Lennon 1971

October 1971

Title: John` Birthday
Type: Avant-Garde Film
Filming Location: Everson Museum & Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse, New York
Filming Date: October 9th 1971
Broadcast Date: October 1995
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 8:06 Minutes (Exhibition and Press Conference: 4:56; Birthday Party: 2:17; Frisking: 1:53)
Quality: B+
Source: John Lennon Remastered Archives 1971 Vol 2 (FAB Productions)
Other Sources: John Lennon Life & Eternity (BA Productions)
Notes: Another typical Jonas Mekas "home movie" of John`s birthday party held in a hotel room in Syracuse during Yoko`s art "happening".
Attending the party, amongst many others, are Phil Spector and Ringo & Maureen. In the usual Jonas tradition this film is made up of three separate bits of film footage.
The first part was filmed earlier the same day, Oct 9 at the art exhibition and during a press conference (4:56).
Then follows the actual birthday party in the hotel room (2:17) and to finish it all off we have 53 seconds of undated footage of John & Yoko being frisked against a wall which was no doubt filmed around the same time.
This film was later combined with other Jonas filmed Lennon events from December 1972 and August 1972 to make a much longer film he entitled "Happy Birthday To John" which he "released" in 1995.