John Lennon 1971

July 1971

Title: Fluxus On The Hudson
Type: Avante-Garde Film
Filming Location: New York, USA
Filming Date: July 1st 1971
Broadcast Date: July 1971
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 4:42 (Full Film); 0:37 Seconds (John & Yoko Footage)
Quality: A-
Source: "Scenes From The Life of Andy Warhol" (June 1990); "Zefiro Torna or Scenes From The Life of George Maciunas" (1992); "Happy Birthday To John" (1995) (full)
Other Sources: "John Lennon Remastered Archive 1971 Vol 1" (FAB Productions) (full); "Borrowed Time" (Original Promo 1984) (0:11) (excerpt)
Notes: A couple of days after the dumpling party John & Yoko found themselves on a gathering aboard the steamboat "Alexander Hamilton" for a day long trip up and down New York`s Hudson River.
This was another event put on by their friends from the avant-garde art group "Fluxus" and as usual Jonas was there filming away.
Jonas` eventual 4:42 minute finished film was called "Fluxus on The Hudson" and it included a whole 0:37 seconds worth of John & Yoko.
Very brief snatches from it can be seen in some John docos and promo videos.
The whole film is available for viewing on the official Jonas Mekas website as are some of the other John Lennon related films