John Lennon 1971

June 1971

Title: June 12, 1971 At Klien`s (aka Allen Klien`s Garden Party)
Type: Avante-Garde Film
Filming Location: Allen Klien`s House, Riverdale, New York, USA
Filming Date: June 6th 1971
Broadcast Date: June 1971
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 09:43 Minutes
Quality: A-
Source: "Happy Birthday To John" (1995) (full); "John Lennon Remastered Archive 1971 Vol 1" (FAB Productions) (full)
Other Sources: "Imagine" (1972): 1:53 (excerpt); "Gimme Some Truth": 1:12 (excerpt); "Nobody Told Me" (Lennon Legend Promo) (0:39) (excerpt)
Notes: Within a few days of arriving in New York, John and Yoko soon fell in with the avant-garde art scene and today they and their friends were among the many guests (over 250) at a party celebrating the birthday of Allen Klein`s wife, Betty.
Footage of the party was filmed by Jonas Mekas and Shirley Clarke while Andy Warhol snapped countless polaroids. Jonas and Shirley both released their "films" many years later.
Jonas eventually edited his footage of the party (in his usual style) under the title of "June 12, 1971 at Klein`s".
It was commercially released in full as part of Jonas` "Happy Birthday To John" film in 1995 (which also contained most of Jonas` footage of John from 1970 - 1972 plus footage from memorials held in Central Park on December 8, 1980).
Brief outtakes had also been shown in the June 1990 documentary "Scenes From The Life of Andy Warhol - Friendships and Intersections" (which was then made commercially available on the November 2008 Re-Voir DVD "Visions of Andy Warhol").
For Jonas it was a long film clocking in at almost 10 minutes in length! It contains some fascinating scenes such as John playing basketball with Miles Davis and John talking to Andy Warhol.
Clips from the film have appeared in many Lennon docos and promo videos over the years, initially turning up in the 1972 TV special "Imagine". It is also available on the website "Daily Motion".