John Lennon 1971

May 1971

Title: "Imagine" Filming - "How Do You Sleep" Session
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England
Filming Date: May 26th 1971
Broadcast Date: October 1988
Country Of Broadcast: UK/USA
Duration: 14:00 Minutes approx (Official); 50:00 Mins (Raw)
Quality: A- (C: Raw footage)
Notes: After a cuppa it was down to business in the studio. John began by showing George his song, "How" (Footage in "Above Us Only Sky") that he`d recorded the previous night, then following a quick jam (footage at the very start of "Gimme Some Truth") it was time to begin the first night`s song - "How Do You Sleep".
The raw footage of the majority of the recording of "How Do You Sleep" exists on bootleg DVD and lots of beautiful colour footage has turned up in most official Lennon documentaries as well.

John Showing George his song "How"
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 0:55

Studio Jam
"Gimme Some Truth" (2000): 0:50

Early rehearsal for "How Do You Sleep"
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 2:49

Recording "How Do You Sleep"
Raw footage: "Holy Grails,Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol 5" 50:00
"Imagine: John Lennon" (1988): 1:33
"Gimme Some Truth" (2000): 7:35
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 0:33
Nobody Told Me ("Lennon Legend" Promo): 0:26