John Lennon 1970

December 1970

Title: Up Your Legs Forever
Type: Avant Barde Film
Filming Location: W 61 ST, Neww York, USA
Filming Date: December 9th 1970
Broadcast Date: December 18th 1970
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 69:45 Minutes
Quality: C
Source: John & Yoko The Art Films 1966-1971 (FAB Productions)
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Notes: John & Yoko were not seen on film for the rest of 1970 until December, in New York, when they filmed two more of their own films. The reason behind the filming is that they had been asked to have some of their films shown at a film festival in New York, organised by their friend and fellow film maker, Jonas Mekas.
Apart from the previously seen films they were contributing they also decided to film two brand new ones over a couple of days only a week before the festival began. The first film to be made was called "Up Your Legs Forever" which was along the lines of an older film Yoko had made called "Bottoms" but this time it was going to be "Legs".
This new film had a camera view of a person`s naked legs panning from their feet up to their thighs until the very end when you see John & Yoko`s legs but the camera continues upwards until we see their bare bottoms then they both step off the podium and put their pants back on while John narrates the films credits.
This film, as with all of John & Yoko`s art films, has not been commercially released though snippets from most of them have turned up in documentaries and promo videos over the years.
Fortunately (or some may say unfortunately) reasonable quality copies of these two December 1970 films have snuck out.