John Lennon 1970

February 1970

Title: The Tony Cox Videos (aka "3 Days In The Life")
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: Various Locations, London, England
Filming Date: February 8th-11th 1970
Broadcast Date: March 6th 2007
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 08:00 Minutes
Quality: B
Source: The Beatles 1970 Let It End (FAB Productions 2015)
Other Sources: John Lennon - Life Is What Happens Vol 1 (BA Productions)
Notes: John & Yoko allowed Yoko`s ex-husband, Tony Cox to videotape them over a few days going about the daily activities. The existence of these tapes only came to light in the late 1990`s when Tony tried to auction them off.
Samples of the footage were shown on the internet and eventually 8 minutes of the very bad quality black and white footage found its way onto Youtube.
Reportedly over 9 hours of video was filmed. In 2000 a consortium of three people purchased the tapes off Tony Cox but then claimed the tapes were stolen.
In 2007 a 2 hour edited version was to be "premiered" at a university in Maine but a court order issued by Yoko prevented its screening. Yoko, claimed that she had purchased the tapes from the consortium in 2002.
The judge agreed with Yoko that she now owned the full copyright to the tapes and they have remained unseen, locked away, in the Lennono archives ever since and are unlikely to be ever seen again.