John Lennon 1969

December 1969

Title: CBC News
Type: TV News
Filming Location: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
Filming Date: December 23rd 1969
Broadcast Date: December 23rd 1969
Country Of Broadcast: Canada
Duration: 01:08 Minutes
Quality: B+
Source: John & Yoko: A Visit For Peace
Other Sources: The Beatles 1969 Vol 9 Four Knights In Moscow (FAB Productions 2014)
Notes: After arriving in Ottawa they got some well earned rest at Hotel Chateau Laurier.
At 11am they travelled by car to visit with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Later they also met with the minister for health and held another press conference.
Following this they flew back to Toronto, packed up and later that night flew home to England.
Today`s meeting with Pierre Trudeau was filmed by CBC cameras and along with a brief interview was shown on that nights national news broadcasts.
Just over a minute of black and white footage of their meeting was shown in the CBC 2002 documentary "John & Yoko`s Year of Peace".
Another minute of footage from CBC archives can be found on FAB`s DVD.
A 1:27 newsreel of this occasion via Argentinean TV archives is available, in very bad quality black and white with terrible sound, on youtube