John Lennon 1969

December 1969

Title: CBC News - Snowmobile Riding
Type: TV News
Filming Location: Ronnie Hawkins House, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Filming Date: December 17th 1969
Broadcast Date: December 17th 1969
Country Of Broadcast: Canada
Duration: 01:17 Minutes
Quality: C
Source: John & Yoko: A Visit For Peace found on The Beatles 1969 Vol 9 Four Knights In Moscow (FAB Productions 2014)
Other Sources:
Notes: The next day back at Ronnie Hawkins house it was time to invite the press along. John and Yoko gave numerous print, radio and TV interviews today and even found time to start signing John`s lithographs.
Not long after cameras from CBC had arrived in the morning, John & Yoko were coaxed outside to ride on skidoo`s (aka snowmobiles) which made for good television.
This footage may have been on that night`s news broadcasts but over a minutes worth was definitely shown on the CBC special "John & Yoko: A Visit For Peace" that was broadcast on Dec 26, 1969.
The 2002 CBC doco "John & Yoko`s Year of Peace" also aired a 28 second excerpt.