John Lennon 1969

December 1969

Title: CBC News - Ontario Science Centre Press Conference
Type: TV News
Filming Location: Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Filming Date: December 17th 1969
Broadcast Date: December 17th 1969
Country Of Broadcast: Canada
Duration: 07:25 Minutes
Quality: C
Broadcast History:CBC News (Dec 17, 1969) (length unknown); CBC Weekday (Dec 18, 1969) (1:04); CBC "John & Yoko: A Visit For Peace" (Dec 26, 1969) (7:25); CBC "John & Yoko`s Year of Peace" (2002) (0:18)
Source: John & Yoko: A Visit For Peace found on The Beatles 1969 Vol 9 Four Knights In Moscow (FAB Productions 2014)
Other Sources:
Notes: John and Yoko flew back to Canada on December 16, 1969 to promote a proposed Peace Festival to be held in July 1970 (it failed to eventuate).
During their 7 days in Canada they stayed at the country home of musician Ronnie Hawkins. The day after arriving they drove to Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and held a press conference.
The media naturally attended and cameras from the CBC network and other news organizations filmed most of the proceedings, some of which were shown that evening on their nightly news broadcasts.
For the duration of their Canadian stay CBC cameras captured much of their promoting culminating in a 30 minute TV special they called "John & Yoko: A Visit For Peace" which they broadcast on December 26, 1969.
Almost seven and a half minutes from today`s arrival and the press conference were shown in this TV special in black and white. A minute`s excerpt was initially shown on the CBC current affairs program "Weekday" and many years later an 18 second excerpt was shown in the 2002 CBC documentary "John & Yoko`s Year of Peace".
Just over one minute of footage from the PC was also featured in the Canadian current affairs program "The National" which is available on a MCP DVD in extremely bad black and white, filmed off a TV screen.
Following the press conference it was back to Ronnie’s farm to relax until the next day when they let the press come to the house.