John Lennon 1969

December 1969

Title: 24 Hours - The World Of John & Yoko
Type: TV Show
Filming Location: Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England
Filming Date: December 2nd 1969
Broadcast Date: December 15th 1969
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 32:40 Minutes
Quality: B+
Source: The Beatles 1969 Vol 7 What`s The New Mary Jane (FAB Productions 2014)
Other Sources: John Lennon - Peace Love & Truth Live & TV (BA Productions)
Notes: John and Yoko were filmed over four days for a BBC documentary about their current activities.
Pristine quality extracts from this special have turned up in a number of documentaries since like "Imagine: John Lennon" and "The Beatles Anthology" as well as in a few John promo videos like "Borrowed Time".
This is a day by day rundown of what was filmed:
December 2: Being interviewed for the ATV program "Man of The Decade" at Tittenhurst. Inside their bedroom having dinner and reading press clippings and fan mail.
December 3: At Tittenhurst playing a Mellotron; Driving to Apple.
December 4: Interview at Apple with "New York Times" journalist Gloria Emerson; At Abbey Road recording "Laugh Piece" whilst wearing funny noses.
December 5: Travelling to Suffolk to film "Apotheosis 2"; in bed at a local hotel playing a game of "Fortunately/Unfortunately".
December 6: Watching the filming of "Apotheosis 2";