John Lennon1969

May 1969

Title: Give Peace A Chance
Type: Promo Video
Filming Location: Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada
Filming Date: May 31st 1969
Broadcast Date: July 10th 1969
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 03:02 Minutes
Quality: A
Source: John Lennon Video Collection (VHS 1992)
Other Sources: The Beatles 1969 Vol 7 Campaign For Peace (FAB Productions 2019)
Notes: John and Yoko recorded and filmed their new single "Give Peace a Chance" near the end of their "Bed-in" in Montreal. Over the years at least five "official" promo videos have been made for the song.
#1: (1969): 6:04. Colour. First full length edit. (13 sec longer intro before start of song with 40 secs of extra footage after song ends)
#2: (1969): 5:06. Black and white. Second edit (Re-edited down to 5 mins with 25 secs of footage of Hari Krishnas edited out)
#3: (1992): 4:59. Colour from "John Lennon Video Collection" (VHS 1992) Same as #2 no intro dialogue and ends slightly earlier too.
#4: (2003): 5:08. Colour from "Lennon Legend" (DVD 2003) Completely new promo with 95% footage from student protests etc. Ending has the Feb 1970 editing room footage.
#5: (2011): 5:40. Colour from "Bed Peace" (Imagine Peace Website August 2011) Completely new promo with all footage taken from the Montreal bed-in.
Probably 50% new footage with the rest taken from the original promo. 26 secs of new footage (with radio snippets) before the count-in begins.