John Lennon1969

May-June 1969

Title: John & Yoko: The Bed In (aka "Bed Peace")
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal , Canada
Filming Date: May 24th-June 3rd 1969
Broadcast Date: December 18th - 20th 1970; December 3rd 1990 (Home Video & Laserdisc); August 2011 (Website)
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 74:00 Minutes (VHS); 70:06 (Website)
Quality: B
Source: The Beatles 1969 Vol 4 The Bed In - The Way It Is (FAB Productions 2014)
Other Sources:
Notes: John & Yoko had their personal cameraman, Nic Knowland, film their entire "Bed-in" extravaganza starting from when they left England bound for The Bahamas up until they visited Ottawa, 10 days later.
Footage from this doco, apart from the actual Montreal Bed-in, has been listed in separate entries. This entry will focus only on the Montreal bed-in.
This doco was edited in February 1970 and received its premiere at the 7 ¾ film festival in New York in December 1970 under the title of "Give Peace a Chance"
but it then seemingly sat on a shelf until 1990 when it was remastered (possibly re-edited) and issued on home video around the World and also on laserdisc in Japan as "John & Yoko: The Bed- in".
It was never re-issued in any formats until, unexpectedly, Yoko made a beautiful clean remastered copy available on her website "" for 3 days only under yet another new title of "Bed Peace".
For those who need to know this is a basic breakdown of the major footage and what day it was filmed:
May 27: Major press conference
May 28: Local Hare Krishnas
May 29: Swami; Rabbi Abraham Feinberg; A Man & His Baby
May 30: The Berkeley Riots - John on KFPA Radio; Beatles USA Fan Club Visits;
May 31: DJ Interview; Tommy Smothers; Timothy Leary; Give Peace a Chance Recording Session
June 1: John Mekas; KFOX Radio; Al Capp; Dick Gregory
June 2: KFOX Radio; Murray The K and Friends Visit
June 3: Pack up and leave and catch a train to Ottawa.