John Lennon1969

May 1969

Title: Will The Real Mr. Sellers...
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Vaious Locations & Les Ambassadeurs, London, England
Filming Date: May 4th 1969
Broadcast Date: December 18th 1969
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 49:55 Minutes (BBC TV version); 48:39 (DVD version)
Quality: A- (DVD); C+ (TV version)
Source: The World Of Peter Sellers (DVD Sept 2009)
Other Sources: The Beatles 1969 Vol 6 Get Back To Amsterdam (FAB Productions 2019)
Notes: Produced by Denis O’Dell and Directed by Tony Palmer, this BBC documentary which is narrated by fellow Goon Spike Milligan, was made mainly as a promotional vehicle for the Sellers/Starr film "The Magic Christian".
It was broadcast on UK TV a week after the film was released in theatres. A copy of the TV version taken from a BBC film library has found its way into collectors hands in average colour quality.
Not only is Ringo seen in this special (including outtakes from their movie "The Magic Christian") but there is also a brief interview with Paul & Linda and footage of John & Yoko who were all present at a "wrap party" for the film on May 4, 1969.
Tony Palmer at some stage regained the rights to this documentary and in 2009 he released it onto DVD under the new title of "The World of Peter Sellers".
Interestingly the DVD has deleted mention of Denis O`Dell from the credits.