John Lennon March 1969

March 1969

Title: Mr. & Mrs. Lennon`s Honeymoon
Type: Feature Film
Filming Location: Amsterdam Hilton, Amsterdam, Holland
Filming Date: March 25th-31st 1969
Broadcast Date: September 10th 1969
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 40:35 Minutes
Quality: C
Source: John Lennon 1969 Vol 1 (FFD Productions)
Other Sources: The Beatles 1969 Vol 6 Get Back To Amsterdam (FAB Productions 2019)
Notes: John & Yoko had the entire week of their honeymoon "bed-in" at the Amsterdam Hilton hotel filmed by a Dutch film crew.
Footage from almost every day is featured. The documentary takes almost 10 minutes before we see actual footage from the bed-in bar a few brief glimpses of John and Yoko.
Colour footage of the Vienna "bag" press conference and scenes from that evening back in their hotel room`s bed (reading a review from an interview done the day before in Amsterdam)
were also included in the "Imagine: John Lennon" doco in 1988 and some other documentaries since then as well as in the promo video for "Borrowed Time".
The film "Mr. & Mrs. Lennon`s Honeymoon" was premiered in September 1969 at London`s ICA along with some more of John & Yoko`s art films.
The occasion went under the title of "An Evening With John & Yoko".