John Lennon 1968

December 1968

Title: Film #6
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: Kenwood, Weybridge, England
Filming Date: December 12th 1968
Broadcast Date: March 30th 1969 or November 2003?
Country Of Broadcast: Austria or USA/UK
Duration: 01:07 Minutes
Quality: B+
Source: "Lennon Legend" (DVD Nov 2003)
Other Sources: John & Yoko - Everybody Had A Hard Year (MCP089)
Notes: Now this bit of footage of John & Yoko in the backyard of "Kenwood" performing "Everybody Had a Hard Year" has a few questions attached to it.
According to various reports this footage (shot in colour) was filmed by an Austrian film crew for their documentary "John Lennon & Yoko Ono" however it isn`t featured in that while others say, including the notes on the "Lennon Legend" DVD, where this footage was commercially released, that this was filmed by John & Yoko`s people especially as another of their film projects which they called "Film #6".
Another theory is that this footage was shown directly following the TV premiere of "Rape" on Austrian TV in March 1969 as a sort of a "bonus".
Also the film "Rape" may also be called "Film #6" but this footage is definitely not in "Rape".
Part of this footage was used in the 1988 John doco "Imagine: John Lennon". So it seems the jury is still out on who exactly produced it and for what purpose.