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George Harrison April 1992

Title: RAH Concert Rehearsal and Interview
Type: TV News & TV Show
Filming Location: Shepperton Studios, Sheppperton, England
Filming Date: April 5th 1992
Broadcast Date: April 6th 1992
Country Of Broadcast: UK/US
Duration: Between 0:50 Seconds - 3:02 Minutes
Quality: B - C
Source: "George 1992" (FFD Productions)
Other Sources: "George Harrison - Remastered Archives 1992 Vol 1" (FAB Productions)
Notes: George decided to do a concert at the Royal Albert Hall to help raise funds for the "Natural Law Party" in the upcoming British election.
Every TV news and current affairs program across the globe did stories on this.
George allowed a select number of networks to film just one rehearsal song - "Taxman" and then following the rehearsal George did a few select interviews.
First interview was with Reuters who made their footage, of the rehearsal and an interview, available to many news
agencies around the World who edited the footage to fit into their broadcasts.
The programs who used various edits of the Reuters footage includes:
Sky News (0:55 Secs); Thames News (includes Ringo`s London PC footage as well) (2:50 Mins);
CBS News (1:52 Mins); ABC News (0:23 Secs); World National Report (0:25 Secs); Channel 7 News (Aust) (1:45 Mins);
Channel 10 News (Aust) (1:22 Mins); Airplay (Germany) (0:36 Secs); Italia 1 (Italy) (0:40 Secs); Premiere News (Germany) (0:33 Secs) and many other News broadcasts throughout the World.
Some programs had exclusive unique rehearsal footage and interviews. These included:
MTV - Various programs like "News at Night", "Coca Cola Report" and "Week in Rock" (UK/Europe, USA & Australia) (1:07 - 2:35 Mins). They even used further unique excerpts later in 1993 and 1994.
BBC South-East (3:02 Mins); ITN News at Ten (2:17 Mins) & ABC News National Feed (USA) (1:12 Mins).
This was shown in 1997 regarding a story on George having tests for cancer and they showed 36 seconds of "Taxman" right from the beginning of the song.
This is one of the longest bits of footage which no one else had aired before.