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George Harrison August 1977

Title: The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: London, England
Filming Date: August 2nd 1977
Broadcast Date: March 22nd 1977
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 02:03 Minutes
Quality: A-
Source: "The Rutles All You Need Is Cash" (DVD 2005 Blu Ray 2013)
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Notes: All You Need is Cash is a spoof film that traces the career of the British group called The Rutles based on the career of The Beatles.
The film was co-produced by the production companies of Eric Idle (Monty Python`s Flying Circus) and Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) and was directed by Eric Idle and Gary Weis.
The Rutles were played by Eric Idle, John Halesey, Ricky Fataar and Neil Innes.
George Harrison himself makes a short cameo appearance in the film as a grey-haired TV journalist interviewing several people including Michael Palin and Ron Wood.
Other celebrities make cameos in the film including: Bianca Jagger; Mick Jagger and Paul Simon.
The film premiered on American television on March 22nd 1978 and in the UK March 27th 1978.
A DVD was release in April 2005 by Rhino Entertainment.