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George Harrison December 1976

Title: Ravi Shankar`s Music Festival From India EPK
Type: EPK
Filming Location: Bombay, India
Filming Date: December 1976
Broadcast Date: 1977
Country Of Broadcast: India; Sweden
Duration: 01:50 Minutes
Quality: D- (First Version) B (2020 Upgrade)
Source: UNBOOTLEEGED (2020 Upgrade)
Other Sources: "George Harrison 1966-1987" (British Lions)
Notes: Very bad quality black and white promotional film reportedly made by Dark Horse Records to help promote Ravi's "Ravi Shankar's Music Festival From India" album.
The first (and only) available footage from the EPK was taken from a Swedish broadcast of an 1977 Indian documentary called "Alap".
This bad quality copy first appeared in the late 70`s and no more information about this has come to light in all the years since until, out of the blue,
in July 2020 the full original 54 minute Indian documentary was uploaded onto Youtube in very good quality and without the subtitles.
It was recorded from a Bombay TV broadcast back in the late 70`s.
The footage of George was very likely filmed in December 1976 when he visited Ravi in India.