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George Harrison October 1975

Title: Ravi Shankar`s Music Festival From India With George Harrison & Don Ellis
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Los Angeles, USA
Filming Date: Mid-Late October 1975
Broadcast Date: March 1976
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 32:54 Minutes (George`s Interview Segments: 14:41)
Quality: A-
Source: "Solo Beatle Rarities Vol 1" (Hog Town)
Other Sources:
Notes: After trying to get the "Ravi Shankar`s Music Festival From India" concert film distributed for the past year without any success an offer came from the Los Angeles
TV station KCET to screen some segments from the film with the proviso that George do a personal interview that would be broadcast as well.
George agreed and in October 1975 George flew to Los Angeles and filmed an interview with Jazz musician Don Ellis.
The interview was broadcast, in colour & with a stereo simulcast on radio along with 3 excerpts from the Ravi concert film.
This TV presentation was broadcast in March 1976. In the early 2000`s a average quality black and white copy of the
TV special turned up and then Don Ellis uploaded a copy from his own master tape, in colour, onto the "" website.